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Nice Look

Instructions need better details and pictures. Had one lower bracket stamped wrong, but just flipped it and it worked. Found it best to put bumper cover on first and feed the tow hook brackets through. Nice look, forms to the body well.

You Got The Look

Look so nice...even my friend told me that my tacoma looks good. But this CRS Chase Rack is not compatible with folded bed covers. Only roll up beds cover.


Excelent and nice bull barr

Stealth Rack

I love the look of the rack. I wish the wiring looked a little cleaner behind the rails. The mounting hardware was a little sketchy and directions did not mention what size drill bits to use so it was more of a trial and error on my brand new raptor 37

Nice but could be better

Great looking guard. Suites the truck well. But could be better designed as far as more points to anchor. Without a top anchor point it’s a hell of a cantilever force acting on the bottom 4 bolts that hold it in place by friction only. A top set of brackets would greatly improve its mount to the truck.

Los perrones

Hello, I would like to say that my steps are great and they give a very good view of my truck. I recommend them. They are very pretty. The only thing is that they have details of dents. I don't know if it was during delivery or from the seller. That was the only bad thing, but I needed them. I decided to stay with them

Armordillo CR1 Chase Rack For Mid Size Trucks
East Coast Brush Works (Lindenhurst, US)
Heavy Duty Construction

I’m looking forward to installing it onto my Frontier.

First I need to change the tonneau cover.

Doesn’t fit

Although the build quality on these looks very nice, they do not work for 2008 chevy Silverado crew cab pick ups. The back bracket does not line up with any mounting locations on the sub frame no matter how you try to align this item 2 of the brackets will line up perfectly, one will not. I’ve been trying to get answers out of Armadillo for this issue it’s been very hard to get a hold of them sometimes or they forget who you are and tell you they call you back in 20 minutes and never do. I’ve dealt with the same guy at the organization now for over three days and still have not gotten any answers on how to correct this issue. Return shipping is expensive because this is a heavy item and they will only credit you 80% of the cost of this item when doing an RMA. They were very quick to ship the item to me so that’s a plus along with the bill quality is why I gave them two stars and not one. I’m just glad I bought these on Labor Day on sale so at least I’m not losing out on the full retail price of these.

not compatible

You should state in your catalog if an item is not compatible with collision avoidance Sencers or not. If I had known the prerunner bar I purchased was not compatible I would have never purchased the item guess I'm stuck with it now!

Easy install and awesome design.

The install and mounting of the steps were very easy and straight forward.
It took less than 30 minutes from mounting and tightening all the bolts by myself.

For the wiring, I decided to run them off my trailer harness wiring.
Doing this, the lights function the same way a hooked trailer would function.
Lights turn on when tail running lights are on and the blinkers corresponds with the respected blinker/turn signals.
I didn't really want my lights to be on in the day time, so when my lights turn on automatically at dusk-evening, the lights turn on.

How I wired mine:
- I purchased a trailer wire harness that plugs into my trailer plug
- Ran the wires behind my license plate
- Ran all wires from the front of the steps to the back following factory wires that ran along the bottom frame (use extra wire to reach the back)
- Connected to the wires from the trailer harness (cut any excess wires)
- Text, zip tie and clean up
**Alternative: cut back the cover of the trailer wiring harness behind the license plate, tap into the corresponding wires. Then replace electrical tape.

If you want the lights to turn on with differntly, you'll need to decide when you want them to.
**Keep in mind that each steps have their own set of wiring. Running lights will need to be combined or connected independently to the same wires on the opposite side of your vehicle.

Example: if you want the lights to turn on with your DRL's, you'll need to tap into the DRL wire(s)...
Find which lights to tap into and it'll start up when those lights have power.
This will be the brown wire.
The other option is to tap into each tail lights' corresponding wires.
For a 22 Tacoma, that would be the middle set of wires (top = Brake lights/bottom = reverse lights).

I hope that gives an idea on where to start planning the start up function of the lights.

For now, tapping into the trailer harness wires work for me.
**Make sure you cover the wires with tubing or some type of cover to protect from the elements under your vehicle.

Overall, love the product.
Not too heavy, sturdy to stand on for reaching my roof rack & and getting into my rig. Design is great. Really goes in line with the side of the truck without being too much of an eye soar (doesn't belong).

Love it

Installation was a little work but end result worth it

Great buy

I bought this and it looks so good on my truck. The only complaint I have is that I wish instructions were printed better, some of the pictures were hard to see.

LED Running Boards

I really like the design of these running boards. However, they need to work a bit on quality control. The first set I received had dents, so a second set was shipped to replace them. That set was also dented and had some powder coating issues. The instructions for the wiring only tell you what each color corresponds to(DRL, turn signal, and negative) but have no instructions for where to connect them on the truck. Better detailed instructions would be great. Customer service has been good, and overall I still am happy with the product.

Fits perfectly and no water gets in the bed when raining!

Armordillo CR1 Tire Carrier For Full Size Trucks
John Biggerstaff (Palm Coast, US)

Love it

Good response and delivery time, just came out of the mold a little wonky but should be fixable

Armordillo CR1 Tire Carrier For Full Size Trucks
France Toupin (Saint-Anicet, CA)

Armordillo CR1 Tire Carrier For Full Size Trucks

Bull guard for a 2022 ram 1500 classic

I'm very happy with the bull guard and with the excellent service and how fast it was delivered it took longer than 40 minutes to mount it but was worth it ty

Made in China

I just assumed that this was made in America, even though nothing is anymore. Had I known this was from China I’d never had ordered it.

The brackets were scratched on delivery, the cut-out of the “R” was bent and I’m sure the wind will eventually blow it off. The installation design is terrible and literally took 8 hours to install. For reference, I installed air bags on my truck myself and ran all of the air lines in 3 hours. Would not recommend.

Looks Great!

Love the way it looks but would not want to put them on for a living! A little over 2hrs and a few colorful adjectives later and I was very satisfied with the improved looks of my 2021 Silverado. Seems very structurally sound!

Great item

I like the Great look of my truck whit the Armadillo CR1.

The style I was looking for…..with some issues.

This was ok to install minus how little space to have to get the brackets on the vehicle. Ended up having a metal fabrication shop to re-weld the brackets since the vibration of the moving vehicle broke the welds on the brackets. The powder coating is starting to rust on the bull bar it’s self and my bump step is having the same issue. I have only had these for 4 years and was hoping that powder coating would last longer than this.

Ar2 Pre Runner Brush Guard on 2022 Tacoma Offroad

Got here quick. Missing 4 nuts and had extra 8 washers. Directions were good but didn’t match hardware exactly.
Was a little tough to get the bolts in the radiator bar, but all went together and fit perfectly. Needed help to install. Best looking guard on the market!

Ford F350

Customer service, shipping, price and design all get a 5 here. Unfortunately the overall structure is a 1. I bought this (AR2 Pre-Runner) because I don’t like the look of full grill guards. The center push bar is ok for strength but the support brackets, side extension and upper are thin metal and will bend easily. If you want a cool look this is it but I think if a Seagull flew in front of this grill guard it would cave in.

Great low profile look

Great fit and finish, the Led is pretty bright. Great product