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Based on 94 reviews

Welding was sub par, came in the box slightly rusted, had to touch up with some paint.
And the tire mount could have been engineered differently.
Install was a pain! The pre drilled holes didn’t line up with my bed. I had to drill new ones so it would mount into metal.
(2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD off-road)

I bought a bully bar for my 2021 Toyota Tacoma. I was missing two nuts for the long bolts. The nuts were welded on crooked had to modify them so it would work. Ran a camera up in the cavity of the bully bar there was so much rust inside looked horrible. I would never recommend this product to my buddies.


Great product, but had to drill new holes for it to fit my ‘21 Tacoma. The predrilled holes didn’t come close to my bed. Also the little metal that was available to mount into didn’t align with the mounting holes on the chase rack.
If you purchase this rack for a ‘21 Tacoma, expect to spend a few hours extra for install and make sure you have a drill.

Nice hitch

I am putting this hitch on my RV. It was well packaged when shipped and comes with nice looking hardware.

great product

installed with ease. the included hardware had set serts, which i didn’t have tool so i bought nuts. i drilled the bar to fish wires inside for clean look.
great build quality and finish.

CR1 Chase Rack

One of the best additions I’ve made to my 2016 Tundra Dual Cab. Instruction pictures worked great since I don’t read any directions for anything.

Very nice replacement grille

Fit was perfect looks very good very happy with the grille


Extremely happy, highly recommend!

Nice running boards for Tacoma

Love the look at these. Easy to install, great coating and texture. Super sturdy, look really sweet on my Tacoma. Great shipping and delivery, overall a great experience

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fits 2021 Tundra crew cab limited with TSS

**Product review
I have a 2021 Tundra crew cab limited with TSS and parking sensors. This item took me about 2.5 hrs to install on my own and was a fairly easy install. After installing the unit I was worried it was going to affect the TSS system located in the Toyota emblem on the grill of my truck. I took the truck out and tested all my systems (TSS, lane departure, blindspot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and my parking assist sensors) and everything worked as it should. I even took the truck down some bumpy dirt roads at 40mph with cruise control set to see if the bar would bounce and trip the sensor and everything worked great. I would definitely purchase this product again and my old man is thinking about getting one for his truck now that he has seen mine. If you notice that the bumper is a little crooked in the photo, that is because I installed it on my own and was having trouble leveling it out. I will fix it when I get to work and can have a couple guys to help. That is not a reflection of the product but of my install skills.
**Customer Service Review
So when the package originally arrived, I had received 2 boxes like I was supposed to but both boxes contained the pre runner bar and no mounting hardware. I contacted Armordillo immediately to tell them about the mix up and within just a few minutes they already had my box with mounting hardware ready to go out on the next shipment with a packing label to send back the second pre runner bar.. The staff was very helpful and quick to fix the issue. I give both the product and customer service 5 stars.

Looks great for the price.

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off road. It was not the most perfect fit but I was able to adjust. This is a great chase rack for the value and installation. This is not for novice to install, requires some professional tools to install rivets right. Fabrication is kind of novice and also it would be nice to have a professional welder do the welding on the Chase rack. I give the welding a C+ , but then again this is what you pay for. Armordillo should do some video installs of their equipment in order the more newer people to see how to install the chase rack.

Pretty sweet

Installing this was a little difficult but it’s worth it. Very rigid metal. The paint job on it is not the best I will definitely be getting it sprayed with bullet liner

Love the Look and Fit of the Bar, was very easy to install

He 💕's it.

I got this as a gift for my man an he loves it so much he cleans his truck every week now and it makes his truck looks so hot an manly, like beast mode manly = very nice an fits like a glove on his 2006 ford f-150.

Chrome Armordillo Grille

I purchased this grille from Amazon for the same price as with the HOLIDAY20 discount.
The reason I went with Amazon is because they ship to Hawaii, and with Amazon Prime, it's free shipping. Armordillo does not ship to Hawaii, otherwise, I would have. Love the grille, very stylish.

Armordillo 2005-2020 Nissan Froniter AR Series Bull Bar - Matte Black Aluminum Skid Plate

Good product build

Had to do a few small modifications, nothing much. Fits as described and looks even better than I thought.

Shipping was incredibly slow, as it took 10 days to arrive. But overall satisfied

Got my truck a CR-X

Why do F-150 and Tundras have all the nice things... It's a perfect fit for my 2019 Chevy Trail Boss...

Sturdy, dependable, totally worth it!

Makes my Tundra look like a monster! Absolutely in love with it. Only complaint with it is the name in the front is hollow and between the speed of 65-80mph it catches a lot of air. Wind noise it very noticeable. Even so totally worth it! My wife decided to test its toughness with her car. Her car lost and the AR2 guard did not move or even get scratched! Love it will be back for more!

Not happy at all...Bolt to short for hitch on Tacoma, Sits uneven and bounces in hitch. Does not come with stabilizer ? Came with small dent and rust residue on bar...

Fitment shortfalls on Toyota Tundra

The width of the chase rack is roughly 1/2 inch too short for the Tundra. I had to procure two 1/4 inch spacer plates in order to be able to drill holes in a good place. Also, the parts bag for the tire rack was opened and found I had some missing hardware.

2002 Chevy Silverado

Overall the product seems to be a quality piece. I was surprised that the plastic was much thicker than other aftermarket grilles I've seen. The design and vertical bars look very nice.

However, the "instructions" are an utter joke! It looks like they have been photocopied so many times, they are literally unreadable! The "instructions" cover how to screw the three pieces together. Any monkey could figure that out by themselves!

What you don't give any instructions to, in how to install the grille. The fact that you have to cut off the OEM attachment points to open the slots for the new aftermarket clips to go in to. That you have to take the OEM clips off the outer extensions on the old grille to use on the new grille. Or that there will be enough tension on the new grille that all of the retainer clips won't stay secured and you will need drill holes and use bolts to keep everything together.

Best Chase rack out there!

10/10 ! The rack itself looks so cool! The quality is there strong beefy rack nice welds and fits on my Tacoma like a glove! Installing it was super easy and straight forward !