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Satisfied Customer !

I am enjoying my new Armordillo CRB Rack, before buying this chase rack I performed research on existing Chase Racks in terms of measurements, style, and price. Comparing the CRB rack to its direct competitors. The CRB Chase rack is more affordable, Additionally Armordillo provides dimension diagrams from their products in their website compared to Rhino Brand and it allows you to visualize better how the rack will fit in your vehicle by measuring with a measuring tape. Another thing to consider is the Side Plate with the integrated Grill which makes have a better design than its competitors with a sportier and more aggressive look than its competitors. Overall, I enjoy the design of the CRB Chase Rack, and the buying/ shipping process was easy and prompt. Great Work Armordillo!

Armordillo CR1 Chase Rack W/LED Shroud For Full Size Trucks
Vincent Giesegh (Colorado Springs, US)

Doesn't fit back end is wider then the truck

Received damaged goods,

Although Jimmy was able to message back and forth still didn't give really any care that we received damage goods and are left with nothing -
Also Jimmy said we would here from warranty within 24-48 hours and have heard nothing . Bad experience so I wouldn't refer them to anyone in the group forums that we belong to or friends ,family etc .
Also sent pictures of damage etc and they could careless , no follow up from the company nothing .
Bad business



Great grill guard!

Instillation was pretty straight forward! I love the outcome! Will most definitely buy again!

Nice Bull Bar

Nice looking Bull Bar the only thing looks like they knicked the top and painted over the knick.

Bull Bar ART/Ranger

Nice Looks great, no problem on the install. Like the installed light for just a little more you know. Shipped it fast and was exactly what I ordered. Thx

Great product

Just installed my new running boards, the look is outstanding. Great addition to my blacked out Silverado. I will be ordering again from armordillo in the future

Great boards

Quick easy install! Sturdy construction… best of all…. Looks great!

Armordillo CRB Chase Rack For Mega Size Trucks
William O’Dwyer (Whippany, US)
Bold look

Looks great. Wish there were a rear facing lighting bracket available like there is for smaller trucks.

Great product

Everything came in pristine condition. Very sturdy and great fit. Love it all.

Armordillo CRB Chase Rack For Mid Size Trucks
todd theobald (Chillicothe, US)

I put my rollbar on my 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2. It fits perfect with my paragon tonneau cover.

Ram guard

This is a great product and the staff were very helpful in getting me the correct brackets when I ordered it. The craftsmanship is excellent and they even welded it together well. Highly recommend the finished product a pain to put in the brackets be patient.

Armordillo CRS Chase Rack For Mega Size Trucks

Thumbs up!

I love this case rack on my Colorado z71 and I have a matching armadillo brush bar. Very happy with both.

Cool looking bull bar

I bought the AR Pre runner guard and it looks great. Feels sturdy and made of quality materials. Everything lined up nice and was able to install by myself. Looks great on the Taco.

Looks great. Poor Fit

Install should have been very easy but the mounting holes and bracket alignment left a lot to be desired. Even with wide slots and clearances on the bracket holes, it took a lot of wrestling with the components to get it installed. I never feel strongly enough to write reviews about anything but this one is worth mentioning so others are prepared and know up front.

Very good

Great service and I hope to get a sport bar for my Colorado in the future

To armordillo factory

The product is great my truck looks beautiful, but The top bar covers The thirth light and you can get a ticket I incluye a picture solving The problem

rough welds

rough welds

Looks awesome.

I put this rack on my raptor a few weeks back. It took a little bit longer than the instructions said but it turned out great

Very Responsive Company, Excelent Products

I was amazed with the technical support I got from Armordillo, they back their products 100%, my 2022 Tundra truck looks great with the CR1 chase rack.

Thank You Armordillo!

Nice, but a little big for the Ranger

Every site I visited all stated this fits the 2019 - 2021 Ford Ranger, which technically it does since the WIDTH is adjustable, which is great, but Armordillo should specify it’s a “a little tall” for the Ranger. I was a little disappointed after installation. * I took it to a professional as this work was beyond my skill level. I also like that they were able to install with my in-bed tonneau cover, but note you’ll only get one flip. I was fine with that, it was the height that was disappointing. Yes, they do say compatible with most MID and FULL sized trucks, and the Ranger is more of a small truck, but made the assumption on height since they all say compatible with the Ranger.