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Armordillo CR2 Chase Rack Fits most Mid Size and Full Size Trucks (EXCLUDES ALL DODGE RAMS, F250/350/450/550)

Great material

2022 Colorado ZR2

Easy to install and looks great

Sharp looking

Good customer service after the sale

Great product. Instructions and installation not so great.

AR bull bar for 08 dakota. The bar is well made and of quality material. However, the instructions are vague at best. No mention of which bracket is left or right. Instructions say to remove tow hooks which my truck did not have. Must remove body mount bolt which is IMPOSSIBLE on dakota. I made major modifications to the brackets and used self tapping bolts to secure to frame. Also had to fabricate spacers as bracket does not sit flat against frame rail. Be warned you will only spin body mount bushings if you try to follow instructions. Drill the bracket and cut spacers then use 2 inch self tapping bolts to complete the installation.

Great overall, instructions could be improved

Overall, love the guard and the ultimate look achieved. It feels very sturdy and it was a relief that I could do the installation with just myself, a couple tools, and a friend. I had what appeared to be two minor manufacturing defects in mine, as well as a couple of points of feedback regarding how the installation instructions could be clearer that I wanted to share.

First for the defects:

1) On the base of the upper bar for the grill guard, one of the curved attachment points was a couple degrees off. It took a lot of force to find a position all the bolts could go in, and it’s clear I didn’t get the ideal bolt position as a result.

2) The hole in the plastic retainers was made too big to hold the bolt plates snug in place. As a result, the bolt plates wiggled loose and fell into the frame on both sides, which was a huge pain and waste of time to retrieve.

Next, regarding instructions improvements, in order they were encountered:

1) The instructions don’t provide a list of tools needed, this would be a helpful starting point to know if you’ll even be able to complete the job before you begin it.

2) Locking washers are provided in the grill guard assembly hardware, but are not shown in instructions. This was confusing because locking washers provided in other parts of the assembly are shown in the instructions.

3) On Toyota Tacomas, the TRD Off Road trim doesn’t have an air dam, so the step about removing it can be ignored. This distinction would be worth mentioning in the instructions to avoid confusion.

4) The instructions mentioned removing a plastic piece to expose the crossmember in front of the radiator but did not provide a supporting picture of what to look for. I accidentally removed an arbitrary piece as a result and wasted some time, because only afterward did I discover my car did not have the plastic piece in question. This could be a TRD Off Road thing too.

5) In general, if you have the means to make a video of the installation, it’ll make all of these instructions so much clearer. Most of the mods I’ve done to my car have been made possible with searching for instructional videos and I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t find one for this.

Armordillo 2007-2018 Toyota Tundra AR Pre-Runner Guard - Matte Black

Terrible install instructions

I love the bull bar but the instructions to install are just horrendous. After calling the customer service line and speaking to a live robot, I was sent a pdf version which was equally difficult to comprehend. I ended up paying a professional to install.

Square bull bar

Wonderful just what the truck needed it follows the outline of the grill.

Nice bar and effective lighting!

Nicely made bull bar with a modern shape. The LED works well and seems of good quality. Would have appreciated wiring instructions.

good looking part

good looking part , will look great on my 2008 accord , thanks

Awesome Product!!

We’ll purchase from again!!

Great bar

The bullbar was easy to install and looks amazing, durable and stylish!!

Nice looking guard

I have not had a chance to install it yet, but it looks awesome. The instructions are quite detailed, so I am studying first make sure I use the correct parts. They apparently give parts to fit a wide number of years. I am sure it will be awesome though. When done I will siit pics of my 2012 Ford F-150 FX4 Super Crew CAB. Thanks Armadillo!

Perfect fitting.

Love the accessory. Fits good. Exact description. Easy install

Alignment off in some places

Pretty good product but had to make a few modifications due to welding not being exact in some places. Company needs to put the product together prior to sending and make sure everything fits.

Looks amazing

Fits great looks great and very happy with it especially as it has 3 different configurations just depends on what you need or what look you prefer.

Not right size

Bought this for my 2008 dodge avenger. Go to put it on and not fitting like it should.

Short on Materials

Brackets fit perfectly, step bars look really good on my truck 🛻. Your nuts 🔩 and bolt were short by 4 . I had some bolts and used them, and fitted perfectly. We had 16 holes and 12 nuts and bolts.

Armordillo 2008-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee AR Series Bull Bar - Matte Black W/Aluminum Skid Plate

Armordillo 2010-2020 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Crew Cab RS Series Running Board - Textured Black

Great value

It’s an easy and straightforward installation. The bumper bracket is difficult to install if you do not have the proper tools, because the space available is very small.

It's a very good product but the mounting hardware sucks

Out of the box, I was impressed with the workmanship. But there are some issues. First, where the channel is boxed in at the bottom, there was no prep or paint inside the channel. So the steel is exposed and rusty. The mounting hardware is very stout but the bracket for the passenger side is severely lacking. It had only one mounting hole for the bull bar. With only one bolt, there was no way to keep the bar from drooping no matter how tight the bolt was. I had to grind away some of the bracing to make clearance for the mounting hardware. Then I had to drill a 25/64" hole in the bracket in order to secure the bull bar with two bolts. Now it's very solid. I cannot imagine why this is so poorly executed. It would have been much harder and frustrating had I not had a lift on which to work. I would have given five stars if the mount wasn't so bad.

EXCELLENT Customer Service!

We are very happy with the way the truck came out. Our customer was very pleased as well! EXCELLENT Customer Service too! Roger Lo was very helpful with getting us the emblem bracket needed for the grille to be installed. It was accidentally not put in the box. He had it sent out Priority Mail 2-Day and we had it in 2 days! This gave us the opportunity to get Stage 1 of our customers truck build done on the same visit. We did not have to schedule him to come back. Not to mention, since we were changing out his head lights this visit, the Armordillo Grille completed the look!

Thank you, Armordillo! We look forward to work with you again!