Content Creation Basic Guide For Sponsored Vehicles

This guide is created for anyone who becomes sponsored with Armordillo USA and want some basic ideas on how to take photos and videos.

Ideally, we'd like photos that are clear of distractions (filled parking lots, trees that create shadows onto the truck, etc.). In addition, other things to avoid is bad lighting, blurry photos, and if the vehicle is cut-off from the photo.

Things to keep in mind for photos:

  • Good lighting
  • Full photo of the truck
  • Angle shots
  • Clear of distractions in photo/video
  • Minimize blurry photos

Example photos:

Front angle shot with full view of truck.

Back angle shot (displays view of the chase rack)

Front angle shot (displays front end guard)


Video Content Ideas:

To give some ideas, DIY, time lapse of installation, or product reviews are a few examples of what will be great. Videos can be short, anywhere from 1 min to - 6min depending on how extensive the video may be.

Avoid watermarks on the videos and reflections of yourself if possible. Creating video can have a learning curve and if it may be a challenge, our team can edit the video clips for you.

  • Shoot the video in landscape mode for a proper full-screen display
  • Include a direct product link to our website in the video description
  • Make the title SEO friendly EX: "Armordillo 2010 Ford F150 CRS Chase Rack Installation and Review."

Here's an example of a sponsored truck (Apex Addict) that created a video:

If you have questions or need assistance on how to create content for us or for your social media, we'll be more than glad to assist!