Sponsorship Terms

Types of Sponsorships Offered:

We offer 2 types of sponsorships, full and partial. Full sponsorships includes products at no cost to the recipient. Partial sponsorship is products at a significantly reduced price to the recipient. Full sponsorships is considered with the recipient providing a strong and timely ROI (return on investment).

Terms of Sponsorship:

The duration or length of the sponsorship agreement will be a case by case with each recipient. If the sponsorship is approved, some examples we require include logo size and placement, photo and/or video content, installation how-to videos, product review, event appearances, and other exposure such as social media channels.

Armordillo USA may terminate your sponsorship agreement if the recipient does not fully engage in participating to promote the Armordillo USA product/brand. We will also terminate the agreement if the recipient commits an act which may cause damage to the reputation of Armordillo USA.

I3 Enterprise Inc., dba Armordillo USA reserve all rights to pursue legal actions toward sponsored individual if requirements are not met within this sponsorship agreement

 (terms may be subject to change)